It's 2:17 pm in Colombo on November 3rd...
I will try to write later (once I get back to Kandy ie) about the Embassy election party and my preceding trip to the beach (niiiice) but right now all I can think of is the utter shame and fear that are accompanying the election returns for me.
After a tense six hours I don't know what to think. The popular vote alone is enough to turn my stomach--how can people believe in him? Vote for him? Agree with what he's been doing and promises to do? Is this the death knell of the Democratic Party? Is this America?

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Adam said...

Maybe we should tour with our collective creation piece. Except people might be mad and hurt us. I have been thinking a lot about that play lately, and probably we should have added a scene about people being stupid. And more scenes about God. And Dick Cheney.