Crude Statement
I really appreciate the butt-washing apparatus in my bathroom. It resembles nothing so much as a kitchen-sink-sprayer but it’s attached to the wall between the toilet and shower. Not only is it good for butt-washing (I begin to understand why people here think using paper is dirty and gross), it’s excellent for foot-washing, something one wants to do often under the road conditions of rainy-season-mud. I sit on the closed toilet and cheerfully scrub’n’rinse with reachable soap, aimable water, and casual aplomb.

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laura said...

your butt washer sounds like my shower -- only closer to the ground. i've got a bidet in my salle de bains, but it's the kitchen sink sans sprayer. i've washed feet and tights in it so far, but i haven't had the opportunity to use it for its originally intended purpose.