Good Taste is its Own Punishment
or it is laziness and greed?

Waiting for the page to load. Waiting for the page to load.
Oh, there was that little bit of chocolate left from dessert--three squares of Lindt; what's the harm in that?
Stand up. Attempt to walk around desk.
Snag pants on edge of open metal drawer. Raise small welt on leg and RIP MOST COMFORTABLE PANTS IN THE WORLD!

...or at least, the most comfortable pants that I own and can wear publicly. Somehow wearing scrubs on the street in Kandy just doesn't command the kind of respect that scrub-clad people in stateside metropoli usually get. I'll just have to mend them. (In the middle of the fabric! augh! They'll never be decent enough to attend Embassy functions again!)

In other food news, dinner was borderline. I made tofu (plus) with broccoli (plus) and other veg (meh.) in a spicy (yes) sesame (yes) garlic (yes) curry leaf (NO NO NO) sauce. This all after another exhausting yoga class. My shoulder is really causing me problems and I ought really to a) get a bag that's not exacerbating the asymmetry of my back and b) find a chiropractor. Both of these are difficult-to-impossible.

Working theory about why yoga makes me almost-cry every time:
1. Janaka is a tyrant and will come and shove you around into the proper positions. Ow.
2. I keep stress and sadness in my lower back and/or hamstrings and therefore any stretching releases difficult feelings.
3. I have my period, and last week I was revving up for it, and the first week I was really really out of shape.
4. Some part of me can't handle the fact that I am arguably the worst student in the class, and certainly the only one who can't do backbend-pushups.
(5. I keep having what I can only assume are stress dreams where I am infinitely flexible. Could someone analyze this in a nonobvious way for me?)

I'll get around to outlining the grand tour of Dad and Kathleen ("my parents" to bloody half of the country; sorry Mom, remind me to tell you about "stepmother" in Sinhala) tomorrow or so. I have many tasks to do and one of them is have Sinhala class at 8:30 tomorrow for which the homework is not done. I should also describe this dream I had:
Star Wars + Stargate + The Amber Spyglass (Philip Pullman) + pirates + complicated semiotics of color + Cirque du Soleil + ancient ruins in Sri Lanka

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