Packaging Antics

"Fried Salted Jumbo Peanuts
If you're nuts over peanuts, here's something to make you even nuttier!
A nutty appetizer--A nutty picnic companion--Your child's nutty friend--Makes family times nuttier
The Oxygen absorber keeps foods fresh. Do not eat."

One packet peanuts: Rs.21/
Entertainment: priceless!
Now imagine the four 'nutty' phrases illustrated with scary line drawings.
I want to be someone's nutty friend.

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nori said...

I dreamed I visited you last night! Sri Lanka was really tiny, around Swarthmore's size. In fact, it looked a lot like Swarthmore ... Might have even had that path going across in front of Parrish, and probably McCabe, too. Heh. I remember looking for the tea, and thinking it should be all over, but not seeing any. :-(