a zisn peysekh dir

Because RELoad is moving, and because it's Pesach, and because it's beautiful, and because I need some time to just bike around and get things done--I'm off work. Went to yoga, ran into Z there, had some great backward bending. I like thinking about my lungs' shapes, especially in Wheel pose.

Next up come the making of Sri Lankan charoset, my great contribution to Jewish cuisine. First, hit up the various foodsources. I'm thinking Supremo for matzo and suchlike, International Spice for bitter-melons (Sri Lankan maror!), and co-op for everything else. Planning to make matzonachos for lunch tomorrow. Today I'm firstborn-fasting. Yeah yeah, women don't count, shut up.

Morgan is coming! Zisn indeed. Liberation + visitation. Can't wait. I just miss my sweetheart, over there in the Holy Land. Better that I'm here, though; the potential for speaking about 'redemption' in the midst of that quagmire, well, let's just say that Israel starts feeling like a narrow place. Malka's there too now, post-Darfur-job. She's so amazing.

A little sweetness for you all: I've found that when I'm a-fretting (gawsh, over all the work these days) the best mood-fixer is at Cute Overload, where I found this clip of otters in love. Weep for joy.