Sorry, Mom, but you're just too wonderful

from this morning's email:
it's been a long day, i'm still not jiggy with the new time, and after a week of poor sleeping because of the time change, i'm exhaustamundo.
(did i use the term 'jiggy' correctly?? i hope it doesn't mean anything to do w/sex... but i just can't recall if it has wider ranging uses... ah, sleep).
Yes, you've used it correctly. Yes, it does have to do with sex, but only in a mild way. (Comments, assorted slang-observant peeps?) Hope your 'exhaustamundo' abates and I promise not to put more of your charming emails on here...too often at least.


Ross said...

i've never heard/seen jiggy used that way.

Lillie said...

Nor have I, but I understood exactly what she meant (maybe because it looks/sounds kind of like "jibing?"), so I welcome this new use of hip-hop slang.

Ross said...

wait… is jibe (in this sense) the same (/a corruption of) jive? 'cause jive is the word i would use. i can't tell if i've ever heard jibe used (or even spelled?) that way.

lillie, have you ever met ruth? you two would have some amazing conversations. in fact, could you both please come to my thanksgiving?