I had a clever title all worked out
but now I've forgotten it. What to do?

Am in a hurry to get some lunch and get some work done, but hopefully tonight I can get the computer up and running and on the net. Hopefully, I say, because it will take hope and perhaps prayer and probably cursing too to get the thing going. (Yester-afternoon I tried and for my efforts got a zap from the wall socket. Aiyo!)

But: I have a home! I even slept there! It has hot water and a phone and a decent kitchen (although no propane quite yet) with a biggish fridge and a 2-burner cooker and cupboards and things. My "business-minded" landlady gave me kitchen things--one each cup, saucer, big glass, small glass, plate, bowl, side plate, pot, pan, knife. Therefore I'm engaged in the fun task of shopping for housewares. Today I scored a fancy computer protector (UPS), some speakers, some plastic thingies for keeping ants out of the biscuits and sugar, a cutting board. Yesterday I spent about 40 minutes buying groceries and had a small saga of trying to get a trishaw in the rain to take me home with my passel of stuff. I spent Rs.3500 for about six bags of stuff--that's ridiculous, I know.

You all can now call me, for real!
home: (oo-94) o81-447-5523
mobile: (00-94) 077-311-5531
or write, c/o ICES Kandy, 554/6A Peradeniya Rd, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Anyway. Off to work.

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