Why I Came to Sri Lanka
or, kottu rotti at the Muslim Hotel

quickly, then: kottu rotti is the best Sri Lankan food there is. it consists of a rotti (flatbread, naan-like) sliced into thin strips and fried with veggies and egg/fish/chicken/whatever. it is peppery and sometimes quite spicy and so, so good.

I had some from my favorite source yesterday: the Muslim Hotel (which means restaurant here) in Kandy, reputed to be "dirty" but actually quite clean if you ignore the floor and the "windows." it's fantastic there--full of scallions and ginger and unnameable spices.

there was also an adorable tiny kitten there, scrounging on the floor. I wanted to pack it up to take home.

then again, I still don't have a home... saw another annexe by chance last night as I ran into the landlady on the road. she previously rented to 2 'brighters, one of whom is Karly, my precedent in everything (she had my family, for one thing). the annexe is beautiful and has a huge verandah with a lovely view, but it's one bedroom only and is right in Dangolla, the town where I lived before and where all the ISLE students are. decisions, decisions.

today I'm at ICES, my host-research-center. they are admirably if overly laid back there; the head (brilliant) librarian is away and won't be back until the 22nd and she usually helps 'brighters get their annexes. ah well...

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Ross said...

ha - when i first saw your title, i wasn't sure whether i had told you i'd thought of it or you'd come up with it independently.

my foreign roommates cite the relative lack of bureaucracy as one of their favorite things about america.

do you want me to link you?

ps. i've been seeing dave, so e-mail me if you want news about him.