ayubowan, peeps.
finally blogger is accepting me and my new password. huzzah! entry to colombo/sri lanka has been sort of bumpy. flights were fine although delayed and melancholy. drugs for sleeping help.

the next few days were a haze of colombo life, orientation, trying not to get hit by a truck, etc... the high point was the military briefing by an awesome guy who told us all about how the sri lankans think the US is trying to steal their secrets. ha. the low point was wednesday afternoon and evening, when i got really sick and was throwing up everything i ingested, even water. the next day we had a health briefing and of course i got all scared about what-all i might have/have had. i'm still not eating much but i think that's from the heat more than the illness, whatever it was. (working theory: ate a rather large block of paneer on tuesday night and my vegan stomach [was] revolted.)

side tip: the nationalexpress bus ride from gatwick to heathrow is quite scenic and lovely but ultimately it starts looking like a crazy connecticut in which everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road. also, try to sit near the vaguely un-chic, though trying, french couple who are making fun of americans. i mean "trying" as in they are trying to be chic, but i guess they were trying, per se, as well.

otherwise: heading up to kandy tomorrow. better weather in store and hopefully will see lots of familiar people--for example, my family. orientation is over, the other fulbrighters are lovely people and i look forward to being around them. some are intimidating but all are friendly. we'll see when my usual inferiority complex sets in!

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