Mage Address Eka

please, write me a letter or something, y'all.
is there a y'all? (i count three regular readers. if there are more than that, let me know.)

Rebecca Ennen
c/o ICES, Kandy
554/6A Peradeniya Rd.
Sri Lanka

saw five more annexes today. i am going to pull my hair out by the roots: one was hella far (over 15km!) and one was someone's house (and therefore huge and full of stuff), and one was dark, menacing, and unfurnished, one was small, far, and taken during April, and the Only Acceptable Nice One has no phone. (and no furniture, but the landlords promise to "put some things.") at this point i'm moving to the house of Judy-Yvonne-Mina, the Senior Fulbright Family down the street from my hotel, because it cost fucking Rs.7,000 to stay in the hotel for a week. they are being very nice and sharing their place with me.

tomorrow i will try to chill out a bit--maybe an afternoon of hedonism is wanted, with perhaps a massage or a swim or something. it makes me cry to think that that's the only way for me to relax. i did have a good time with Yvonne (2), my Tamil friend who teaches at a Montessori school here and is looking for an apartment. she is getting married in January and wants a place for herself and husband. but things are pissing me off. i have been patient long enough.


Ross said...

would it be possible to get a phone installed? (or use a cellphone?)

nori said...

yes, there is a y'all, if only me & ross. :)

Anonymous said...

This is your mother's friend Amy writing from Maryland. I have been trying to reach Ruth to see if you both are o.k. after the disaster in Sri Lanka. I don't know your mother's family or friends so I have been unable to contact anyone else to learn if they have heard from you or Ruth. I have been doing searches with your names on the internet and found this site. I noticed that you haven't written anything after October so maybe you will not be checking this. If you do...please ask your Mom (or you can) call me at 410-658-4225. Or if anyone else reading this comment knows anything, please call. Thank you. Amy