Why I Love People

The emails and phone calls keep on coming. Things are agonizing but encouraging. I hate to keep going with the lists, but--

Over 10 people have emailed me (via Sarvodaya) wanting to adopt orphans from the tsunami. It's heartbreaking to have to tell them that Sri Lanka doesn't allow international adoptions (that's a whole other ball of wax--don't get me started) but absolutely amazing to think how much love these people have in their hearts, to up and offer to take a traumatized child from halfway around the world. Love you back.

I've received two out-of-the-blue phone calls from wonderful, wonderful people with whom I haven't spoken since leaving the states. It was good to talk about here-things and home-things, to realize that the world IS going on out there. (NB; the world is going on here as well... I am in a mall and just got a haircut. Divine Pedestria!) But to those who called, thank you, it is so good to simply chat.

Malka came late last night, in from Galle and on her way to Trinco (today), bearing news of our dear friend Ravi, Unawatuna hotel manager and consummate good guy. He's okay (which we knew) and is working on plans for a community rebuilding/education center, and his dog Milkshake is okay too! It felt awful to worry about a dog when so many people have died, but only natural, I guess. Anyway it was so good to see Malka, talk, cry a bit, hug, encourage each other, make jokes, and so on. She is amazing. I want to be her when I grow up. She told me about someone she was talking with who reminded her to 'pray.' Neither of us is the praying type, we agreed, but this is a good time to start--if only for personal reasons.

There was good pizza for dinner last night! Happy happy joy joy.
Plus, Microsoft is going to support our Volunteer Sri Lanka idea. Tod (another FBer) and some IT peeps of his are setting it up. I start work next week. (I hope.) This is going to matter.

Thank you, everyone--especially those who took the time to write considered, thoughtful, kind, loving emails. I hold you in my heart.

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