Even Harder Than the Worst Pies in London

We depart for Anuradhapura this morning, to visit old ruined palaces, temples, monasteries, monkeys, &c. Rereading Lonely Planet last night I was reminded that some of the loveliest stonecarvings that survive are from monks' urinals and squat-toilets; they represent aversion-to-worldliness, hence, peeing on art. Matthew Barney and co., take note!

Cognitive dissonance rages on. Got stood up (again, disgruntled grumble) by the host-fam for dinner last night. We then cobbled together a fantastic soup and fruit salad repast, capped off by sharing a "Big Hunk" candy bar from Mom's recent trip to LA. (Analyze that!) Mina's 5th birthday party, Sunday, was a trip. Similarly so with going-to-meet-the-tailor-family; everyone in this country thinks I look just like Mom, or that she looks like my big sister. Can't tell if she's loving that.

Mom departs Thursday. After that, the Rest of My Life looms large. Back to the books? On to the Front? Wait and see.

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