La La La, I'm a Filmmaker

Without going into it, the film project was frustrating and silly. It was super good to see the folks in the South, horribly sad and painful to see all the destruction there. It also made me furious and twitchy to see all the stupid mismanagement of camps, organizations, aid supplies, work, and generall y everything.

I became positively manic with a week's worth of talking to displaced and frustrated and depressed people--will write more about it soon but now I'm off for an afternoon of extremely crucial logistical work around Colombo: buying t-shirts and arranging for on-the-fly logosplashing for the maiden voyage of Volunteer Sri Lanka's field team. They're out to help assess some telecenter projects going into IDP camps. Go them!

It's been a rollercoaster. Keep them emails coming. More later. Love to all.

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Angelo Embuldeniya (Strav) said...

Nice blog Rebecca!

Good to know that you were down there with the VSL Assess/Implement teams during the weekend. Did the PM actually do the tour of all 3 camps that were wired up or was he just too 'tired' :D ... looks like i'll be helping and coordinating with Elaine from here (Bahrain) with the DB & website. You folks still over at the wtc? Or has the whole team moved to MIT in Malabe? A move would be nice considering the 'bad vibez' comin' from 31 floors above ground level.

Anywayz, keep blogging i sure enjoy the ocassional rants!

Strav. (AKA Angelo)