on the lighter side: audience participation
  1. Mahangu, are you reading? There is a guy in one of the psychiatric-ward scenes in “Guerilla Marketing” who looks just like you! You do a good crazy/catatonic role performance.
  2. How many people get the reference of the title “Ceylon Silver Girl”? Despite/because it’s a minorly obscure pun on a majorly well-known song lyric, no one seems to know what it means. May change if that wouldn’t cause aesthetic pains to the so-called readership. Seriously, comment if you know.
  3. Both Dhanasiri and the Royal Mall are selling Arnott's biscuits (imported from Oz! highly yum!) for half price. Not even old or stale! Also, they are now stocking normal-size bars of Philadelphia cream cheese. Run run as fast as you can.


Anonymous said...

"Ceylon Silver Girl" is the Best Pun Ever.



Ross said...

as much of a kick as it is to be in your header, i'd agree it's time for a change.

Ruwani said...

It's not the BEST pun ever, but it's good. Simon and Garfunkel may have something to say about it though...

Rebecca said...

aaron: i'd go for "Aren't You The Woman Who Was Recently Given a Fulbright?" but that would be, i think, temporally inaccurate, recentwise.

ross: my mom said not to change it, and i always do what my mom tells me.

ruwani: mad props!

Ross said...

yeah, the fulbright one is better, and it's nice continuity with the simon theme.

Mahangu said...

Heh. Now I've got to see this film. I guess I'll wait till they screen in at uni for free though. Oh the joys of being a student - when a 150 rupee movie becomes too pricey. I guess the seventeen rupee bath packet has spoilt me.

And the title - it stays, IMHO. The pun is kinda abstruse (at least to a non-s&g fanatic), but at least it's unusual.

Rebecca said...

oh, mahangu, you're living the high life down in colombo (kelaniya). a basic seat in the non-couples-makeout section is Rs50 here in the sticks. Rs60 gets you hott hott balcony 'privacy' with other students and young'uns. however the peradeniya canteen rice'n'curry starts at Rs22 so I guess we're getting stiffed.

my fear with the title is that it will be taken as some kind of "Sparkle Fairy GRRL!!! ;O)" type thing.

ddm said...

nice pun! your time has come to shine :)

Anonymous said...

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