Cultural Sensitivity Only Goes So Far

It's getting to be time for a change.
I have lost patience with a few things:
1. being a giant, pasty-assed female who can't do anything herself without getting harassed
2. ...and anyway there's nowhere to go in kandy: no movies, no cafes, no decent restaurants
3. ...but if you manage to have social obligations anyway, when you go to visit someone, you cannot leave until you've been force-fed
4. ...and thus you miss your preplanned, pre-ticket-bought colombo train
5. ...which didn't go anyways because of a strike.

I don't really care about the strike, could have taken the bus. But I resent being captive at someone's house, and I resent myself for not having the patience to chill or the nerve to just pack up and go. On top of that, I'm not really psyched about Colombo and my plans there. Not enough thinking ahead, therefore I have not enough work to make me feel it's justified. Anyone out there in the blogosphere want to be interviewed on Saturday?

Nalani, whose lovely birthday party I was more or less stuck at today, told me I work too hard. I started explaining the 'yankee mentality' in Sinhala and then realized, no I don't work too hard, I just worry too much about it. I should work more and worry less.

I need to plan a trip, go someplace else. India, anyone?


Scourge (Skûrj) said...

Ahem. Looks like you've been to a typical Sri Lankan home. It does get annoying most of the time. Almost every Sri Lankan's house you visit, you'd be asked to stay for dinner or lunch or tea or something. It happens. Shame you missed the train. Guess why they are on strike? cause they want their designations changed to PILOT. WTF? Ceylon Petrolium Corp and the Electricity board are contemplating strikes. If either goes on strike it'll be chaos. Colombo ain't any better....

Hmm! now, about that interview...:)

amelia said...

A! MEN! on the workmoreworryless idea. i could use a little bit of that mentality myself.

Adam said...

Oh, stop with the Yankee mentality, Rebecca. It doesn't do anybody any good. I try for a different mentality each term: Michaelmas term, the eighteenth-century dandy proponent of the Cult of Sensibility; Lent Term, the 'degenerate' artist proponent of pan-German occultism (complete with a drunken attempt in the Eagle Pub to conjure Friedrich Nietzsche in the body of my Korean-American girl-friend); this term (Easter) is as yet undecided... but one thing to work against is Yankee-ism, because it just makes us ugly and boring. Strive to be degenerate, Rebecca. Put the pen down and get into town-- and come to England! Love, Adam