Intrigue and Rebuttal

The quoted paragraph below is from Nittewa, a blog consisting of fun/paranoid journalism and slightly wack theories from Morquendi (not his real name), a Lankan blogger-of-note. Now that I'm following more local blogs, [no] thanks to Indi, I'm a) spending more time online and b) spurred to write more local stuff. I posted a slightly different version of this as a comment at Nittewa, but figured that 500 words merits its own push-button publication.

Right, so:

Why didn't the JVP make a noise when the US marines came to Sri Lanka, supposedly for Tsunami aid work? I'd have expected them to fight it to the bitter end. And in their anti-NGO propaganda why isn't the JVP targeting anything remotely connected to USAID? Why don't they talk about the American Imperialists in their speeches? Doesn't everyone (including myself) love to bash the Americans for all the world's evil? And didn't the JVP openly bash the Americans in the past? Why this sudden change of heart? Why is the JVP putting up with USAID's involvement in SLBC (the State Radio Broadcaster?)

Is the CIA paying them something to destabilize the Government of Sri Lanka?

Don't everyone get your sarongs in a twist. It's really quite simple; let Big Sister American Escapee explain it all for you.

The JVP is trying to appeal to the American government because they think that the US 'War on Terror' could be expanded to include/squelch the LTTE. Whether or not the US Government (not "Americans" but our wacko leaders) is "anti Tiger" isn't, I think, debatable. Among developed nations the US has one of the strongest political anti-Tiger stances and lists them as a terrorist group; my experiences with the US-SL diplomatic corps underline this stance.

In other words, it's not that the JVP are pro-American, not at all. They are just looking to fuck up the joint mechanism process, make the LTTE mad, provoke greater violence, and thereby justify getting US armed forces to violently quell the Tigers. The JVP has not figured out that a military solution to the conflict is neither possible nor morally tenable at this point—as evinced by their obvious bloodlust.

Is their reasoning flawed? Yes, for several reasons. The US Powers That Be are smart enough (though not very, it must be said) to see raw, power-hungry protectionist/socialist nationalism where it thrives, and to not militarily support it. These are not values that endear a political group to the [economic-]freedom-lovin', Marx-hatin', multiculturalism-lip-servicin' red-white-and-blue polity.

Secondly, the US-PTB (vide supra) quite openly state through their representatives here—for one, their official military attaché*—that they believe a military solution to the conflict is untenable. They're not going to send in the Marines unless it's for more tsunami rubble-clearing, school-buiding, and giant-amphibious-vehicle-driving.

Thirdly, America is in a precarious position in international politics. Bush and his gang have destroyed whatever economic and military respect we [might have] rated, turning the country from a world policeman and world business leader to, basically, world bully in both realms. In addition to that, the American military itself, despite being grossly overproportioned to begin with, is currently weak. Here you don't so much hear about it, but it’s front-page, head-Newsweek-article stuff over there: enlistment rates are way down, desertions are way up, and they're having to put active-duty folks on involuntary service-reassignment plans. Therefore: a weakened bully, more dangerous in some respects but certainly unable to take on more victims/terrorists.

Q.E.D.: the JVP as usual are (albeit pseudo-sophisticatedly) kidding themselves. This time, however, it has extremely sinister implications for the UPFA coalition, the peace process, the local political scene, and the international image of Sri Lanka. Not to mention actual people's lives.

*His name is (Col.) Rich Girven, and if you ever get a chance to meet him or hear him speak, go. Brilliant I say.


thimal said...

Good points, all of them.

But the US doesn't need to send the USMC over to SL to "offer assistance" as it were. Just replacing some of the aging Mi-24s with some surplus Apaches, providing military assistance (more so than they do now), even handing over a few of the National Guard jets/fighter bombers on "long term loan" might be seen as a "win" by certain quarters.

And cynic that I am, wait till someone produces "conclusive evidence" that Osama is hiding over here and then watch how fast a(nother?) carrier group will be deployed in the Indian Ocean.

Rebecca said...

Right you are--and of course, the US arms and materiel sales to SL are quite high. I doubt the Osama theory, though, as the US govt has proved itself disinterested in non-oil-related issues like human rights and (international) criminal justice. I may be more cynical than you on this one...

Also, I doubt that India will allow any greater US military presence in this part of the world. Given the relative weakness of US-India diplomatic ties, and given India's actions towards becoming a global megapower, I think the US isn't going to want to make any enemies over this.

I was discussing this with some American friends this evening. They disagreed with me that the JVP might intentionally be currying favour; they felt that the situation was just more pointless political maneuvering and point-scoring. We did agree, however, that the US govt's stance on tsunami aid (Ambassador Lunstead quoted today in the Times: aid not tied to peace process/joint mechanism) is stupid and more pandering to the abovementioned strong diplomatic relationship between our two countries. US policy on the conflict is, like, somewhere in la-la land.

Haakon said...

Found this article ("Sri Lanka: JVP grovels to the Bush administration") on the World Socialist Web Site: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2005/may2005/jvp-m09.shtml

This is pretty much in line with what you wrote. I doubt the JVP is capable of thinking beyond the immediate challenge of sabotaging the JM. I seriously doubt the US will take the bait though, which again exposes the hipocracy of its own foreign policy, I suppose.

But who knows what will happen if the JVP succeed in stalling the process and war breaks out again...

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