naked rehearsal

The show I'm working on now is set in a morgue and five of six characters are dead. And naked. They're going to have body makeup eventually (surely cold comfort) but for now we're just starting to work on being naked all the time.

Yesterday was the first naked day and we, ladies of the loyal production crew, pitched in to help the gender ratio and the camaraderie. The six actors, the director, and we three "staff" all stood on a circle, faced outwards, stripped, and turned around. Then we all giggled and said hello and shook hands and were polite. Director Dan commented on the absence of uncircumcised cast members (sic). Brief discussion ensued. Then we sang a song together! It was like naked preschool. After a while the staff put on our underwear (hey, it's hot in there) and sat around disinterestedly talking about how women's 'boy-short' underwear always creeps up your butt.

The actors got their team robes and made some naked sculptures. What a great job I have.

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jellyfish said...

1--I'm really glad to read what you said about boy-short girl's underwear, BECAUSE I thought it was the coolest looking thing and ALMOST bought six pairs. But I happened to have one pair, somehow, maybe a hand-me down?? and though it's quite comfy IF all I wear all day is underwear, AND all I do all day is lounge around the house, IT is NOT at all comfy creeping up my butt under my pants while I'm at work or traveling . . . . I just didn't know whether it was that one pair, or my weird shape or what, but I DID opt out of buying six pairs, THANKS to YOU and your group discussion.

2--I will send you a poem I wrote about my day in the Mass. State morgue. I played a corpse (actually it was three days total I think) in a show about forensics on the DISCOVER channel.
Your posting made me go back to my notes and write the poem! so DOUBLE THANKS
guess who