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Me and sister-cousins Ariel and Tova, plus over-competitive boys Harris and Reuben, picked Cortlands ("it's a good all-around apple" said the guy) this weekend in western Mass. My favorite things: autumn afternoon light, leaves fluttering in the breeze, ripening crisp apples turning their red cheeks to the sun. The branches are just about exploding with fruit.


Anonymous said...

hey --so are Reuben (maybe) and Harris (really?) any more competitive than the three of you "sister-cousins" And who picked the most best apples? were there any prizes?
ps.--thanks for my apple it was the best food I ate all weekend. there is nothing like an apple straight off teh tree, unless it's (sweet) corn straight off the cornstalk, or raspberries off the bush, or . . .

Rebecca said...

Harris started it!

us gals were more interested in eating apples, and (against the rules) climbing the trees, and petting the dogs. Ariel was searching for the perfect apples, and I think got the most best. No prizes, only joy.

who is this?

Ross said...

(i have a guess.)

you guys look great in this picture. hot, all five of you. makes me think of that devon sproule song. (of course.)