dear WHYY, I am so sorry

It's membership time, and when they did it last quarter, I joined. this time I have no reason to be guilty, but they've got me on the coals again. oy.

Cashflow isn't such a problem right now, but I'm still watching the expenses and holding my breath over the next few potential contracts. In case you hadn't heard, I lost my job at the msngrbag joint, so. Other projects abound, and the shekels aren't clinking like they sort of once used to. (Always the way: too much work, no time to blow the cash; less work, no mad-money.) I did take a cab last night, though, thereby puttin' on the personal Ritz.

But, dearest Marty and Terry and Doctor-Dan, I wish I had a little more to spare. Maiken Scott, if you're reading this, be assured that I feel justly shamed and rightly harassed by the pledge-drive begging, and I'm not complaining.


Anonymous said...

so very glad that you're blogging again!! we here *at home* really miss your posts..... and you (of course!!).

Maiken said...

hey - thank you for supporting public radio. I'm always so grateful when we're asking people to join in and the phones ring!
See you on the radio :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Happened across your Blog while doing some Sri Lanka related research...you may not remember me, I was the Defense Attache in Colombo when you arrived. Now I am in Kabul, trying to sort out this "other" war. Hope all is going well for you. :-) Cheers,

COL Rich Girven

Rebecca said...

wow, Col Girven! of course I remember you. all us Fulbrighters were in agreement, if only this guy was running the Army, we'd be much more comfortable.

let me know how things are going, if you happen back here and can send me your (non-classified of course) email. how are your kids? how is your wife? are you still doing SCA stuff?

thanks for dropping by...

Rebecca said...

jesus, maiken is back too. I am going to have to watch it. it's pretty lame that my mother had to tell me I had racked up some comments here.

Anonymous said...



In Kabul til end of August....

Rich Girven