I am painted (red) and moved in. Managed to break my dresser en route from storage locker to truck and so Carpentry Project looms. Other than that, it's really fun to unpack all my toys and silly art and whatnot. This is a lame post, just something to let the folks at home (?) know what's what.

Would be happy to hear from anyone... I got another bookstore job, having lost the previous bookstore job. The new one is doing mail-order Penn-abilia for rich Penn grads, and kind of noxious. I will be learning the finer points of polo shirt design. I want a job with some actual social merit. Be on that ASAP.

More soon, as I now have internet!


ester said...

oh, sweetie, don't feel bad. it's been a year and a half and nothing i've done since leaving college has had any social merit at all - except maybe keeping a future lawyer happy. i'm sure after the new year you'll rebound with energy and purpose and you'll be cleaning up polluted waters while rescuing crack babies and debating right-wing nutjobs on weekend television and running your own vegan restaurant.

Rebecca said...

cleaning up polluted waters using crack babies which I then serve in my "vegan" restaurant. (and you wondered what seitan was really made of!) we likes the sounds of that, yesss, precious...