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Across the planet, four and a half million Sinhalese voters asked Mahinda Rajapakse to stand up, wave, smile, and shake hands with the JVP for the next six years. I am reasonably livid over this. Western hemisphere, I don't expect you to understand, but this is bad news: let's just hope the economy doesn't tank any further and the war doesn't break out. Read indi and kottu for more/better, as I'm too Philadelphian to plumb the depths...

Also, sorry to those that I shouted four-letter words at this morning. Bearing bad news is rough.


ashanthi said...

It stinks - we are well truly sickened..

so the ltte are terrorists and the fxxxking JVP who are responsible for at least 250,000 deaths of the Sinhalese are what???

Bear in mind they have such a grip of fear on the areas they control that large numbers of people who voted for them did so out of fear...

Then of course there's the monks & the JHU - again - crap. The voter intimidation permeates all the way through our society & Ranil did not reach out to the Rural South who's children he expects to go & fight dirty wars in the Northeast.

Furthermore - it is absolutely pathetic that Ranil thought the Tamils would risk thier lives & go & vote for him. What a joke. They care not one iota for what is happening their & the UNP - who made Sri Lanka into the Police state it is today have finally got their comeuppance.

Either way - no one has one, given voter rigging the election was way to close to call. No one has a mandate to run the country.

Whether war will break out - I don't know, I would say though that the ball is firmly in the ltte's court.

T4011 said...

250000 deaths? Where do you get these figures. Hehhe.. Stupid crack whore..

Samosa mum in Dim Sum town said...

my sentiments exactly becca and ashanthi..feel so so sad..god bless and save sri lanka

Amar said...

I'm very happy that Mahinda won. It is time for Sri Lankan nationalists to have some sort of say in the running of the country.

Moreover Ranil was a big friend of the NGOs and the Christian evangelists out on their genocidal campaign to wipe out Buddhism and Hinduism and Islam from Sri Lanka and replace it with their facatical version of Christianity.

So yes, I am glad Mahinda won.