go postal

Nothin much to say, but I just realized that it's a good time to tell people not to send me mail at ICES anymore. If you've been sending me actual physical mail, you are a blessed soul and you are accruing major points, redeemable towards hugs, home-cooked meals, vodka tonics, back massages, and other shamefully, embarrassingly sentimental rewards for being a kindred spirit and bosom friend. If you haven't been sending me mail, do so now! If you have been receiving mail from me and not sending return mail, you are damned.

But, yeah: no more with the Kandy address, as I'm moving to Colombo in about a week and a half. I will be back in Kandy in mid-September to give a talk at ICES, so no worries if something takes a bit of a while to get here, but from now on:

7 Flower Terrace
Colombo 07,
Sri Lanka.

Bosom friend points are still available!
Some people are way in the red on this one, so I suggest massive postal investiture!

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roudyguy said...

Nothing special in ur bloog.just a feeling of women like others.never try to catch a romantic guy as your housbnd.never worry abt your apperance.Kandians should be proud.