Biz-nass & Farewell

Off to midprogram conference to present my scattered research. In fifteen minutes. (The presentation lasts for, not I am leaving in.) I have the nagging sense that I am either going to come off as a big fool or an active, well-organized scholar, neither of which is really the case. Oh well… haven’t been in Colombo in a few weeks (three) and thus I am minorly psyched for coffee, going-out-dancing, and seeing folks. This weekend there is a big weddings trade fair going on in the city and so I am going to go and, you know, drum up some interview business.

Isn’t it weird when all of a sudden people start asking if you got a haircut? I definitely didn’t. Haven’t made a mental commitment to growing it out which in my mind means, like, “able to hold hair implements” which isn’t much out by Sri Lankan standards but long for me. Haven’t had “long” hair since 2002. I think my hair has gotten to a length at which it curls, which is a departure in looks at least. Pretty strange though, when everyone is convinced I’ve been chopped.

Because I love Amelia’s blog, I’ve linked to it. Amelia, if you’re reading, I don’t have your email, so I couldn’t pre-ask you. Hope you don’t mind. If someone knows Amelia’s address, tell me?

Ooomph, I miss people! And yet I’m happier here than I have been since, oh, before the tsunami. Always this tension: wonderful things here, wonderful people there. Right. I’ll be away until Monday, so call the mobile not the house. And email me. Always.

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