Am I Still Vegan?

In my head, I'm still vegan. Obviously veganism is in the mind and not the mouth, because I have now been consuming all kinds of animal-products for four months. These days I eat dairy, eggs, and fish. Some things I eat with much more regularity and gusto; for example I had a fabulous tuna salad sandwich in Colombo yesterday; daily tea comes with milk of necessity. At the same time, I don't even buy eggs anymore because I don't particularly like eating them. (Except as egg hoppers: thin bowl-shaped crispy crepes with a fried egg in the middle, with chili sambol.) I never cook fish, but when eating out would rather order it than order something 'vegetarian' and cheesey like quiche or lasagna.

Some things just seem more dairy-ful than others: paradoxically, skim milk powder in tea tastes more "milky" to me than full-cream milk powder in tea. Processed cheese slices, like the ones I used today to make a grilled cheese sandwich, barely register (though Tofutti Veggy Slices are much tastier) but the butter I used in the frying pan smelled weird and I wished I wasn't out of margarine. I have NO interest in 'quality' cheeses in the rare event that they are available.

Last summer was the anniversary of six years being vegan. Not strictly; there was always a bite of chocolate mousse lurking around a corner (usually on the end of my mother's fork) against which I was helpless to defend myself. After six years, though, temptation had by and large subsided and only curiosity remained, and not much even of that. I can now say for certain that tastes change dramatically. The foods I crave now, here, are surprisingly banal and un-decadent by nonvegan standards; I swear that I'd kill for some good bbq seitan or homemade hummus. The best would be Tofu By Dave.

I wonder, though, what it will be like in several months to return to my old habits. Will it be kosher (as it were) to say that I'm 'vegan' after however many months eating this stuff? And can I start again with six years' cred, or do I get sent back to 'Go'?

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nori said...

of course you keep your six years' cred! my god.

i'm thrown by how dairy tastes now that i only have it once in a while -- it's a much more wholly visceral experience than it used to be. the first bite is always amazing, but i never want more than that.

would it actually be impossible to be vegan in SL? or just much harder?